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Top+ Bottom-Loading Stainless-Steel-Tank Child-Lock Premium Water-Dispenser. 

TYPE: Top+ Bottom Loading | Stainless-Steel Premium Black Design. 
            Hot+ Cold Water ONLY !! 

Product Website:
Top+ Bottom-Loading Stainless-Steel-Tank Child-Lock Premium Water-Dispenser.

SUPER GENERAL - Top+ Bottom-Loading Stainless-Steel-Tank Child-Lock Premium

Product Features:

  • Hot, Normal, and Cold Water.
  • Bottom Loading Design.
  • Stainless Steel Water Tank (Sus304).
  • High-Efficiency Compressor Cooling.
  • Hot Water Capacity: Heating 5l/h (≥90°c).
  • Cold Water Capacity: Cooling 2l/h (≤10°c).
  • Double Safety Protection For Low Water
  • Child Safety Lock.
  • Two taps, Indicator lights, an In-built Cabinet, Cup-storage, and more!
  • Enjoy instant hot or cold water with the compact and modern water dispenser from Super General.
  • This model features two taps for hot and cold water with icon indicators and 3 indicator lamps.
  • In the in-built cabinet that is equipped with a removable shelf, you get to store your favorite snacks and drinks. Thanks to the cup storage next to the taps, you are always ready to take a sip of water when you need it!
  • 2 Taps.
    Enjoy instant hot and cold water with this efficient, practical, and space-saving water dispenser. It features easy-to-operate push buttons with icon indicators on the top and a red safety button for hot water.
  • Our water dispensers are a perfect fit for large rooms, apartments, studios, storage, pantry or the kitchen.
  • Thanks to the two push-button taps for easy access to hot or cold water you can enjoy instant tea, coffee, milk, or fruit powders.
  • Indicator Lights.
    Our sleek and stylish water dispenser comes with three practical indicator lights for cooling, heating, and power. On/off power switch for hot or cold water is placed at the back of the unit for ultimate child safety. Additionally, this slim water dispenser features a long 3-pin cable for easy placement around the house, office, gym, or shop!

  • Cabinet and Cup Holder.
    Our modern water dispenser features a practical in-built cooler cabinet with a sturdy and adjustable shelf and a cup holder for 10 cups. The spacious, in-built cabinet lets you store soda, water bottles, protein shakes, snacks & more. The adjustable shelf allows you to easily access and store your favorite drinks, protein bars, and snacks!

  • Drink Water - FEEL SUPER!!
    Water is enriched with quality Calcium, Magnesium, and Bi-carbonate ingredients to provide the body with essential minerals and sustain your body's nutritional needs. Did you know: that drinking water improves body temperature, nutrient transport, skin health, mood and athletic ability, and brain function, and supports headache relief amongst other benefits? Drinking a glass of water before a meal reduces hunger, prevents over-eating, and supports weight loss on a low-calorie diet!

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