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PUBG Mobile Private Paid Hack
PUBG Mobile Private Paid Hack
MVR 63.00
Location Male City/Male
Item Condition New
Type Shooter
Platform Other

=We provide a paid subscription for our PUBG Mobile hack=

Notice : This Hack will work for both root and non-root Android Phones, but we recommend Android phones to be rooted for better performance. However, iPhones must have jailbreak.

This is a slotted hack. First come first serve basis, once all slots are bought; we will no longer sell anymore until slots gets free. One third of our slots have already been purchased, if you're interested be quick.

For more info contact us on:

Telegram  :

WhatsApp :

or Text @ 9994441



  • Support for both Android and iPhone.
  • Undetected for the last 5 months.
  • Smooth performance and stability.
  • Customisable FOV, and settings.
  • We work directly with the developers of this hack, therefore updates are fast.​


  • Item ESP (including guns, ammo, gear, vehicles, airplane, airdrops, meds)
  • Player ESP (Including, location, distance,health, name, weapon being carried)
  • Aimbot (Auto aim, customisable aim, head / chest , aim bone,visibility check)

Our subscriptions are




Daily or hourly free trials are available to test it out, or you may purchase a day key to test it out before purchasing weekly / monthly.

Important : With this hack, you can easily get 20-30 kills in a single game and rank up fast. But please don't abuse it, kill 10-20 people at max. The hack is safe and not detected but if you are getting 40 kills every game people will report you and PUBG Mobile admins can check manually. Play smart, don't kill half the map. Kill some and win that chicken dinner.

Listing ID : 2969712 | Last Updated : 22-May-2020
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