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Original REMAX 2 in 1 CSR4.0 RB-H1 Bluetooth Speaker ( Remax Shop - 9677777
Original REMAX 2 in 1 CSR4.0 RB-H1 Bluetooth Speaker ( Remax Shop - 9677777
MVR 1,699.00
Location Male City/Male
Item Condition New

*Special Offer*

1-Year Warranty

Remax USA Two precision acoustic drivers provide very loud, distortion-free stereo sound in exceptionally high quality
Passive sub-woofer delivers punchy bass for a perfect blend of crisp highs, strong mids and deep lows; stand speaker on its side when playing bass heavy music to prevent it from moving around
Power packed with loud sound to entertain and fill any room, outdoor gathering, picnic and pool partyHigh-performance Bluetooth 4.1 version NFC connection, enable stable signal and efficient connection; Short-distance NFC, low-energy consumption, fast and safe connection.
8 main functions: NFC function, hands-free call, Shoulder strap, Bluetooth 4.1, Micro SD,, MENTAL CASE, 2.1 CHANNEL, AUX cable.
Aluminum alloy full mental textured shell and fine carving sound holes pose a great image of qualified speaker.
SD card reader function: support of reading and playing files stored in SD card.
3.5 mm Gold-plating audio line: 3.5 mm international-standard socket, excellent connecting and stable transmission of timbre.

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