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Ge dhigumu'dhathah imaaraai kurumah. 9991189.
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    Ge dhigumu'dhathah imaaraai kurumah. 9991189.
    Location Male City/Male

    Salaam. I'm looking for someone who can build my home to 3 storeys with a 5.5 storey foundation. In Maale. Not too big a space so will be easy. size: 365sft.

    1 floor for builder:

         1 floor for very long term

    2 floors for owner. 

    monthly 10,000.00 for owner expenses until construction completion. 

    Builder will have to provide owner with a 1 room with attached toilet in Male' until constuction is complete.

    Call 9991189 if interested. 

    Listing ID : 2514268 | Last Updated : 05-Feb-2019
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