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3500M Motorcycle Alarm System Immobiliser 2Way LCD Pager Remote Start Microwave
3500M Motorcycle Alarm System Immobiliser 2Way LCD Pager Remote Start Microwave
MVR 2,000.00
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This motorcycle alarm offers detection of people getting too close to your bike, as well as touching it or tampering with the electrics. Once the alarm is triggered it sound the alarm and also page you via the remotes. The remotes make a sound, vibrate and also show you how the alarm was triggered. The alarm will respond before the bike is touched! 


Main Funtions:


1. Alarm

2. Silent Arm

3. Disarm 

4. Shock Warning 

5. 3500m Two Way Anti - theft

6. ACC on Trigger 

7. Siren pause

8. Alarm Reminding 

9. Anti-hijacking

10. Remote engine start

11. Remote engine cut off

12. Auto-Rearm(Anti-false disarm)

13. Motorcycle Locating

14. Power off memory

15. Day & Night Monitoring

16. Emergency disarm

17. LED Indicator 

18. Signal Indicator 

19. Special music reminding for no action

20. Power status indication

21. Time,alarm setting

22. Transmitter Vibration sensitivity Adjusting

23. Code Learning 



1.Learn code mode

2.Car locating, Anti-hijacking

3.Two way icon view reminding 

4.Remote start engine

5.Remote engine cut off

6.Trigger memory

7.Waterproof main engine

8. Responding distance 3500meters, transmitting distance 800 meters


Technical Data:


Working Frequency:433~434MHZ

Modulated way:FSK 

Brain Unit:

Working Voltage: 12v±3v

State Current: ≤6mA

Sound Lever: 110-125dB

Remote Control :

Working Voltage:1.1-1.6v

Static current:≤100uA


Package Included:

1 X Brain 

1 X Horn

2 X Remote control

1 X LED Indicator

2 X Wire harness

1 X USB line 

1 X English user manua





1. The alarm does not include the 3A battery for remote control, you can get it in your any local store,and it is very cheaper.

2. It is highly recommended to install this product by a professional technician.

3. The operating range of this system may be affected by the weather conditions,nearby radio stations,structures around the motorcycle etc

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