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#2583 - 2M Car Door Moulding Rubber Scratch Protector Strip Edge Guard Trim Blac
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MVR 85.00
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Item Condition New

Protects the vehicle door and boot edges from scratches and dents.
Helps prevent damaging other cars when opening your door in car parks etc.
Easy to fit and can be trimmed to the required length.
Universal Fit, should fit most car doors/boot lids/tail-gates.


Color: Black|Transparent
Length: 2m/pack


To aid fitting, warm in hot water or use an hair-dryer to soften and make more pliable.
Cut to size with sharp knife or scissors. (If cold weather and not softened, the use of a small hacksaw or something like secateurs may be required).
This product is not confined to vehicle doors and has many other uses as an edge protector. 


1  X  2m Car Door Anticollision Edge Protector Strip

Listing ID : 2682275 | Last Updated : 10-Jul-2019
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