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1000ml auto sanitizer dispenser [spray pump]
MVR 1,199.00
Location Male City/Male
Item Condition New


  • Sensor Chip: an automatic infrared sensor to avoid cross-infection, 3-10 cm sensor distance, touchless hand disinfection system.
  • Visible Transparent Window: Transparent strips can be used to see the level of liquid left for better planning.
  • Option to use with 8AA batteries for mobility or electric adapter [adapter included]
  • Bottle capacity of 1000ml for long uninterrupted service
  • Equipped with a good brand sensor for reliable and long performance.
  • Option to set the discharge amount of single spray or double spray for your own configuration.
  • Designed ergonomically to place in most places without compromising the interior of the place.
  • Option for wall mount (screws provided) or mount to your own DIY stand powered with batteries for mobility.  

Device only: MVR1199

Available for self purchase directly from Reethi Foto - Chaandhanee Magu



Listing ID : 3286937 | Last Updated : 14-Jul-2021
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