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Gn Carburator Rf 1100
Gn fahathu dhagadu Rf 450
Gn black tank with 2cover Rf 1450
Gn Carburator diaphragm Rf160
Gn brake shoe Rf160 
Gn brake pad Rf 85 
Gn brake caliper Rf 600 
Gn front brake disc Rf 500
Gn key cover  Rf 100
Gn brake caliper repair kit Rf 250
Gn brake master Pump Rf 550
Gn rear shock pair Rf 1100 
Gn LH switch Rf 400 
Gn RH switch Rf 400
Gn starting motor Rf 900
Gn meter set Rf 900
Gn rectifier Rf 420
Gn ignition coil Rf 400
Gn magnet coil Rf 900 
Gn locksetwith fuel tankcap Rf 550
Gn fuel lock Rf 150
Gn cables Rf Rf 100
Gn head lamp Rf 650
Gn v.bright head light Led bulb Rf 300
Gn clutch set Rf 800
Gn hunganu dhagadu Rf 450
Gn starting relay 300
Gn signal relay Rf 100
Gn oil filter Rf 55
Gn clutch lever Rf 100
Gn brake lever Rf 100
Gn signal pair Rf 200
Gn mirror set Rf 250
Gn sterring cup set Rf 250
Gn plug cup Rf 100
Gn speed meter gear Rf 320
Gn tail light lens Rf 150
Gn front shock pair Rf 1850
Gn front shock seal pair Rf150 
Gn front shock seal modify Rf 250
Gn battery stand Rf 180
Gn footrest front Rf 360
Gn footrest rear  Rf 220
Gn side stand Rf 120
Gn seat belt Rf 140
Gn main stand Rf 350
Gn front shock dust cover pair Rf 150
Gn horn  Rf 100 
Gn front tyre Rf 750
Gn rear  big tyre Rf 1200
Gn chain buru set change kurun Rf  850
We can repair and maintenance 3R MOTORS. 9785974.