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  • Registration of Companies (new company formation)
  • Company Liquidation 
  • Share Transfer
  • Increase/Decrease Share Capital 
  • Unallocate or Allocate Shares 
  • Amendments of MOA and AOA
  • Managing Director and Company Secretary change
  • Company name change
  • Include Objectives or change objectives 
  • Preparation of Annual Accounts (Audited Financial Statements) along with MIRA BPT Return
  • Company Seal and Logo Registration


  • Partnership Registration
  • Liquidation of Partnerships 
  • Agreements Amendments 
  • Change Partner
  • Change the Partners Share Percentage 

Sole Proprietorships 

  • Registration of Sole Proprietorship
  • De-Registration of Sole Proprietorship
  • Cancellation of Local Investments
  • Cancellation of Business Names
  • Registration of Business Names


  • Registration of GST
  • Registration of BPT
  • Preparation BPT Returns Along with Financial Statements
  • Preparation GST Returns Along with Input and Output Statements
  • Take Tax Clearance Report for Tax Payers
  • Payment of Annual fees (Company, Vehicle and Land etc..)
  • Preparation of Audited Financial Statements (above 5m Sales tax payers)



  • Registration of Cooperative Society
  • Liquidation of Cooperative Society
  • Change Members
  • Preparation of Annual Accounts (Specially for Club’s and NGO’s in Dhivehi template also)

Foreign Investment

  • Registration of Foreign Investments
  • Liquidation of Foreign Investments
  • Preparation of Annual Accounts (audited financial statements)

Other Services

  • Get Import and Export License along with Importer/Exporter Registry
  • Get Re-Export License
  • Registration of Travel Agency
  • Registration of Employment Agency
  • Registration of Guest House
  • Registration of Diving School
  • Registration of Water Sports Center
  • Seal and Logo Registration
  • Consignee changing or information
  • Registration of Business Permits (permits to operate shops, café/ restaurant/ canteens, pharmacy, stalls in carnival/ night market/ fun fares, bar permit, warehouse, vehicles, workshops/ factories/ vehicle garage/ carpentries/ tailor shops and trading online)
  • Registration of Trade Mark and Shipping Mark
  • Registration of Copyrights
  • Registration of SME (small and medium enterprises)


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