2 room apartment for 10 years
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2022 ge March gai husvaa 2 room ge apartment eh ( Maafannun 2 vana floor ) mihaaru kuhyah hifaa nama, court agreement ge dhashun mvr315,000/- ah 10 aharah khuyah dhen.


A second floor 2 room apartment from Maafannu which will be available from 2022 March is for rent for 10 years for only mvr315,000/-

If the apartment is rented for 14000 per month , your money will be recovered in less than 2 years.

Apartment will be given under court agreement with the landlord under the terms that " if the apartment is not handed over after March 2022, the landlord should pay a monthly sum of mvr15000/- to the agreed party for the durtation of the agreement."

As a payment option, we can accept mvr 250,000/- on the date of agreement and pay mvr 120,000/- on 1st of March 2022.

This is a very good mid term business opportunity with a court agreement.

Interested parties please call 986-8282 on working days between 0900hrs to 2200hrs

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